5 Best Mobile Apps for Rock Music Fans

Rock music fans will get all the exciting information and latest updates about their particular music genre from these apps. From getting an explanation about how Ramones got the name or downloading your favorite head-banging track, you can get one of these apps which are powered to give you the 90s rock blues and modern Read more about 5 Best Mobile Apps for Rock Music Fans[…]

How to Record Samsung Galaxy Screen with Mobizen

Want to capture the task going on your Samsung Galaxy screen? You can record what is happening on the screen and watch it when you want. Many screen-recording apps are available on Google Play Store. And many of them are free to download. If you have a Samsung Galaxy. then with the Samsung Game Tools Read more about How to Record Samsung Galaxy Screen with Mobizen[…]

5 Sectors Being Transformed by AI in 2019

Have you watched an AI sci-fi movie and then wondered whether intelligent machines would take over the world? But such a day is possibly very far from today. According to AI think tanks, the future of AI relies on replicating our neural network. Such a development will foster the creation of Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) or Read more about 5 Sectors Being Transformed by AI in 2019[…]

How Can You Appear Offline On Facebook?

Majority of the people like to give immediate reply of their Facebook messages, but there are also a couple of people who don’t want to do it. This can be done by turning the active status of the chat off. Do you want to avoid chatting with friends? If yes, then disable Facebook chat.  Note Read more about How Can You Appear Offline On Facebook?[…]

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