Confirmed Characters for Mortal Kombat Live-Action Movie

A long-awaited live-action movie based on Mortal Kombat characters is coming up for release. Warner Bros. is taking an extreme fighting and action game on the big screen now. As well all know, Mortal Kombat is well-known for its extreme fighting and unique characters. In the live-action movie, characters have chosen. The movie Mortal Kombat is produced by James Wan’s Production house company Atomic Monster Production. 15 January 2021 will be the releasing date for the flick.

There is no doubt about the popularity, and that is why excitement for the movie is at the peak point of the people. The design of the characters in the movie is going to be perfect. Fans of Mortal Kombat are everywhere in the world. Now let’s check out what characters are confirmed in the movie that the audience will get to see.

Confirmed Characters Of Mortal Kombat

Nitara – She is a vampire who’s realm was merged with the Shao Khan’s outworld. The actress who is playing her role is Elissa Cadwell. She’s an experienced actress and from her appearance in the movie, it looks like she will be a great character that seems like a wildcard entry in the movie. Her main goal in the movie will be releasing her home, just like many other characters of the movie.

Kung Lao – He is a member of the White Lotus Clan and a close friend of Liu Kang. Kung Lao is a major character in the movie, and his role is played by Chinese-German Max Huang, who is an actor and also a stunt choreographer. He was murdered by Prince Goro many years ago but still exists in the shadows of his great ancestors. Kung Lao’s main goal in the movie will be growing the new generation and keep them trained from prepared for every kind of problem and threat.

Scorpion – One of the most recognized characters in the entire series of the video game is Scorpion. He is a favourite character of many people in the world. He is an assassin and undead in every video game series. Is family and clan was murdered in Netherrealm by Sub Zero and Lin Kuei. His main objective in Mortal Kombat reboot will finish both of the murderers who killed his family and clan.

Shang Tsung – An experienced actor Ng Chin Han who is a Singaporean actor that appeared in many popular movies and shows. He was in Arrow and The Dark Knight, alongside now in Mortal Kombat reboot movie he will play as Shang Tsung. He is a black magic character and living over 100s years.

Sonya Blade – The actress Jessica McNamee will be Sonya Blade in the movie. She is a skilled fighter, and on the island of Shang Tsung, her team was killed. She was after a criminal whose name is Kano. Sonya joins the force of Raiden to stop the Shao khan and Shang Tsung for what they have done with her team members.

Kano – He is a ruthless criminal character, and he is a leader of the Black Dragon mercenary clan. His one eye is a cybernetic eye that helps him to fight better with the opponent like Jax. Even though he is ruthless, he is also a coward man because he keeps running from the Sonya Blade, who is after her for a long time.

Liu Kang – It is already clear that Liu Kang will be the main character in the movie. From all these, Liu Kang is always a preferred choice of every developer. From the beginning, look to the current looks more deadly and great. He is also trained by the White Lotus Society to be the greatest warrior of Earthrealm. His role is played by Ludi Lin in Mortal Kombat Reboot movie.

Mileena – Sisi Stringer is playing her role in the upcoming movie as Mileena. She is a clone of Kitana and created by Shao Khan & Shang Tsung in Outworld. She wants to be the princess of the realm, and that is why she wants to kill her sister Kitana.

Raiden – He is one of the strongest characters in the movie, and also he is like the master to many characters in Mortal Kombat. His role in the Mortal Kombat reboot movie is by Tadanobu Asano, who appeared in many more movies. His main aim to defend Earthrealm from the Outworld villains, and that is why he prepares the team of many other warriors and fighters.

Jax – An African-American character who is in the United States Special Forces. His main objective in Mortal Kombat is to stop criminals like Kano. His arms are cybernetically, and still, he is a great character in the movie that is having his appearance in Mortal Kombat Reboot movie.

Sub Zero – In the entire series of Mortal Kombat Sub Zero is appeared in every game. He is an ice element character that can control the ice anytime, anywhere. In the tournament, he was cruelly defeated by Scorpion and from their rivalry started from both sides.

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