How to access HomePod without Wi-Fi access?

When the New Year celebrations are in extreme bloom, going out (or it applies on all gathering and party throughout the year, or utilizing the HomePod in lodging), you might need to utilize your HomePod at a setting that does not have a Wi-Fi arrangement. On the off chance that you are thinking about whether you can use HomePod without Wi-Fi, you will be happy to hear that you are able to do so. If you want to make, it works you have to make a few changes in your its settings. Here are the means by which your HomePod plays music when you don’t have Wi-Fi with internet access.

The following steps empower your HomePod to play music without any internet connection. The only requirement for the set is Wi-Fi accessibility. You do not need to worry about the internet association of your Wi-Fi device with internet. You have to on the Wi-Fi of your phone and connect it with the HomePod.

Steps to play audio on HomePod without Wi-Fi internet connection

•    Go to the HomePod Application on your phone or HomePod associated device.

•    Click to the My Home option at the home page of the app. You can identify it by its tiny home image or icon.

•    Move downwards to “Allow Speaker Access” and click it.

•    Select everyone from the Allow Speaker Access option.

•    If you want to secure your HomePod with a password, set the password by the press it on. It prevents the unauthorized access of devices present at the same location or in same Wi-Fi cloud into your HomePod.

•    Then set your password. It limits the person in the same location or in the same Wi-Fi connectivity to associate with your device.

•    HomePod in this mode can connect with everyone. Anyone can share music with your HomePod by associating it with a valid password.

After this, you are all set to share music with the HomePod from your mobile phone through any compatible audio-streaming protocol. You can operate all of the features of it from clicking on your mobile phone except Siri commands. You can play audio, pause it, forward it and stop it also.

The only mandatory action you should have to perform is a continuous association with Wi-Fi of the connected phone or device. You should have to switch on your Wi-Fi very moment as it is the only mean by which your HomePod and mobile phone can communicate with each other.

Now you can play music in your gatherings without any tension of internet access. You need only Wi-Fi association, not the internet linking with that very Wi-Fi.

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