How to Fix Windows Backup Error 0x81000019 on Windows 10

While backup Windows 10, sometimes you might see the error code 0x81000019, which can be pretty frustrating since it prevents you from creating a backup of important files and computer data. This error code is related to the VSS or SPP event logs and you might also see a message saying, “A Shadow copy could not be created” or something similar. In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot the 0x81000019 error code on Windows 10. Here you will find several ways to fix this problem, and each problem uses different settings and procedures, so it is up to you if you want to skip any of them. 

VSS and SPP: What are they?

VSS stands for Volume Shadow Copy Service, which is utilized for making backup copies or snapshots of Windows your system drivers and files. This only works when you use the NTFS file system and these backup copies can be stored in the local drive as well as on external storage. If this VSS fails while creating a backup, then you will end up with the 0x81000019 error code. 

SPP stands for Software Protection Service, which is also known as sppsvc.exe. It allows Windows and its apps to download, install, and get enforced. If you want to find SPP logs in your device, then you can do it via the Event Viewer

How to Troubleshoot the Error 0x81000019 Code?

Solution 1: Status Checkup of VSS and SPP

  1. Head to the Start Menu by clicking the Windows logo button located on the bottom-left corner. 
  2. Now search for Run and then select the Run application from the results. 
  3. Type services.msc and then press Enter. 
  4. The Services window will open, and there you have to look for the Volume Shadow Copy Service first.
  5. Once you find it right-click on it and then choose Properties. 
  6. Now choose the Manual option from the drop-down located in the front of the Startup type
  7. Find the Software Protection Service option in the service window and then right-click on it. 
  8. Choose Properties and then set the drop-down as Automatic located in the front of the Startup type. 
  9. Make sure that both services are running if they are not running, then right-click on them and then choose the Start option. 

Try to take the backup again and see if the error is still occurring and if it still appears during backup, then see the nest solution. 

Solution 2: Ensure that Drive has Sufficient Free Space  

In order to create perfect backup flawlessly on your computer, you must possess enough free storage space in your backup location, whether it is an external drive or the internal one. Window Backup consumes a lot of gigabytes, especially when your C drive has too much of used space and too many programs are installed. It is recommended to have plenty of free space on the backup drive; 200 GB space for standard size backup. The Windows backup size also depends on how much backup you are creating; for instance, if you are creating a backup of 50 GB data, then you should have at least 50 GB space in your backup drive. Otherwise, you will end up with the 0x81000019 error code. 

Solution 3: Disable the After-market Antivirus Program

If you are using any third-party security program, then make sure to disable it temporarily in order to create Windows backup. You can see the instructions for disabling the antivirus from your purchased security program support. 

Solution 4: Delete Restore Points 

If you are also encountering the message saying, “The Specified object was not found “Error code 0x81000019,” then it means there are some issues in the previous System Restore Points. You will have to delete them in order to fix the error, and the following steps will teach you how to do it:

  1. Go to Control Panel. 
  2. Head to System and Security. 
  3. Click on the System option and then press on System Protection. 
  4. In the Protection Settings, choose the System Disk option and then press Configuration. 
  5. Press on Delete all restore points and then tap Apply. 
  6. Hit OK. 

That is it! the error code 0x81000019 should now be resolved after deleting the old system restore points. 

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