How to Set a Shutdown Timer on Windows PC

Do you always forget to turn off your system? Here’s how to set a shutdown timer on Windows PC with the Task Scheduler and to write a Batch file in Windows. Steps to Add or Create Task Scheduler •    Go to Task Scheduler. You will get this option in Windows 7 and 8. •    If Read more about How to Set a Shutdown Timer on Windows PC[…]

5 Best Snapchat Saver Tools in 2019

Snapchat is an excellent app with heartwarming filters and an outstanding interface. It allows you to share pictures with other users on Snapchat and check their snaps and stories as well. You must have noticed that it informs the sender when you take the screenshot of their posts. If you desire to save snaps without Read more about 5 Best Snapchat Saver Tools in 2019[…]

Top MP3 players of 2018

Portable media players had started trending when smartphones users realized their limited storage capacities and their lack of good quality sound, and that’s when MP3 model starts getting trending amongst the youth as it can fit your pocket and can be carried anywhere because of its size. Here are some top picked MP3 players as Read more about Top MP3 players of 2018[…]

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