Top MP3 players of 2018

Portable media players had started trending when smartphones users realized their limited storage capacities and their lack of good quality sound, and that’s when MP3 model starts getting trending amongst the youth as it can fit your pocket and can be carried anywhere because of its size.

MP3 player

Here are some top picked MP3 players as per your individual needs and wants.

1.    ACTIVO CT10 – If you are one of those audiophiles who wish to listen highest quality sound but don’t have much budget. Activo CT10 is the best option for you as it’s portable and provides 16GB of onboard storage which can be expandable via a built-in SD card slot. It offers 10 hours of battery life comes with a gorgeous 3.4-inch touch screen. It also has a Wi-Fi connection lets you listen to Tidal and other hi-fi music-streaming services. It is hyper-portable, sounds tremendous and within your budget.

2.    SANDISK CLIP SPORT – Using your smartphone to listen to music while running is always a hurdle as the phone starts bouncing uncomfortably in your pocket. Luckily, MP3 players like SanDisk Clip Sport has made specially to resolve that issue; hence, this MP3 player is for fitness freak. This player has a stable 25-hour battery life and includes 8GB of storage as well as an additional SD card slot that lets you store more.

3.    iPOD TOUCH – If you’re an apple user and only prefer its product, then this MP3 player you must have as it can store up to 128 gigabytes plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi option. The touchscreen is small and light and has cool metal finishes with a beautiful retina display. This is an iPod for casual listeners and who don’t want to carry a smartphone in their pocket.

4.    LG V40 THINQ – This is actually a Smartphone turned MP3 player and it is for those who’re audiophile at their heart and don’t want to sacrifice their smartphone too. Its sound quality and a bigger library for music collection make it a music lover’s favorite. The V40 Thinq also supports DTS.X 3D surround sound, a technology similar Dolby Atmos. The phone also features an innovative “Boombox” speaker, which is an only bottom firing mono speaker that utilizes the device’s entire body as a resonance chamber. While selecting these MP3 players, we carried out an extensive reviewing and selected other MP3 music players based on their ease of use, sound quality, price and some other usefulness.

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