5 Best Mobile Apps for Rock Music Fans

Rock music fans will get all the exciting information and latest updates about their particular music genre from these apps. From getting an explanation about how Ramones got the name or downloading your favorite head-banging track, you can get one of these apps which are powered to give you the 90s rock blues and modern grunge experience.

Check out our favorite list of apps for Rock music fans.

1.  Rock 94 1/2

By signing up for this app, you can be in the Mosh Pit All Star VIP program and avail all the benefits that come with the membership like information on bands, direct music connect, and radio listening experience. Moreover, you can follow your favorite artists on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Users can also listen to more stations like Bandit Rock, Bandit Classics, Bandit Metal and Bandit Ballads for a more extensive rock experience.

2. Classic Rock

This app is available for a few dollars on Apple’s App Store. Users can stream music or listen to hundreds of rock music radios. This app streams music in the genre of classic rock, blues rock, country rock, glam rock, heavy metal, psychedelic rock, rockabilly, progressive rock besides many more.

3. 1077 WRKR

This app is provided by Townsquare Media, LLC and is available for free download in the App Store. It lets you listen to the live stream of your favorite 1077 WRKR The Rocker DJs. It also includes interactive features which enable a user to get latest news and weather reports for the local Kalamazoo area in Michigan; participate in contests; make an instant request for live updates; read later for viral stories and articles, etc.

4. KSHE 95

KSHE 95 is the ‘Real Rock Radio’ station and was born in the year 1967 in a surrounding when psychedelic rock was fuelling musical spirits. And, it is recognized as the longest running rock station in the world. The main artists that can be subscribed and listened to include Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Pink Floyd, AC DC and many more. A trio of hosts take turns to host the morning, mid-day and afternoon drives- John Ulett aka ‘The U-Man’ for weekday mornings and Sunday morning to noon shows, and he’s been doing it since 1976. He is accompanied by ‘Lern’ and ‘Favazz’ for midday and afternoon drives respectively. Users can also listen to local music personalities on the app.

5. Planet Rock

Planet Rock assembles all favorite shows, playlists, podcasts and exclusive competitions at one place for the user, hence doing away with the hassle of scrambling through numerous¬† websites and jotting down reminders. This free app available on Apple’s App Store also features ‘Listen Later’ option, which enables a user to save a playlist for listening to it at some other time.

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