How to Record Samsung Galaxy Screen with Mobizen

Want to capture the task going on your Samsung Galaxy screen? You can record what is happening on the screen and watch it when you want. Many screen-recording apps are available on Google Play Store. And many of them are free to download. If you have a Samsung Galaxy. then with the Samsung Game Tools you can record the Gameplay. There is one simple and powerful screen-recording app, i.e. “Mobizen.” You can use the Mobizen app to record the screen of any Android phone. The Mobizen app also has some extra features that enrich your capabilities.

Here is how to use Samsung Game Tools and Mobizen to record the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Android phone.

How to download and record screen with Mobizen

Mobizen app is available free on Google Play Store users can download on their Android device from there.

Steps to download the Mobizen app:

1.    Go to ‘Play Store.’

2.    Tap the ‘Search bar.’

3.    Type “Mobizen” into it.

4.    Select ‘Mobizen Screen Recorder’ with orange circle icon written ‘M’ into it.

5.    Tap ‘INSTALL.’

6.    Allow permissions.

7.    Now, just wait.

How to record the screen of an Android (Samsung) device

1.    After downloading, launch the ‘Mobizen’ app.

2.    Tap the large orange color ‘Welcome’ button.

3.    Go with the screen instruction.

4.    And adjust settings as you want.

5.    Once the settings will finish, Mobizen icon will float on the screen.

6.    Tap the floating ‘Mobizen’ icon for options.

7.    Tap the ‘Video recording’ button to start recording your screen.

8.    Allow the permissions, if asked.

9.    Tap the ‘Camera’ button to capture the screen.

10.    Tap the ‘Menu’ button to check your video and settings.

11.    And, tap the ‘Close’ button to exit.

12.    Tap ‘Start Now,’ when prompt.

Mobizen will start recording your device screen and recording time will appear its icon.

To pause and stop screen recording:

If you want to end the recording or did not want to record something then you can pause the recording, here is how.

1.    Tap the floating ‘Mobizen’ icon for options.

2.    Tap the ‘Pause’ button on the left to pause and resume recording.

3.    Tap the ‘stop’ button on the tap to end the screen recording.

4.    Tap ‘Watch’ on the prompt, to watch the screen recording.

5.    Tap ‘Delete’ to don’t save the recording.

6.    Tap ‘Close’ to quit.

How to record your gameplay on your Samsung Galaxy

If you want to record the game you are playing on your Samsung Galaxy phone, then you can use Samsung Game Tools to do for you. First, you need to enable the Game Tools on your Samsung Galaxy. Here is,

How to enable Samsung Game Tools:

1.    Open ‘Settings’ of your Galaxy.

2.    Scroll to the ‘Advanced Features.’

3.    Open ‘Advanced Features.’

4.    Tap on ‘Games.’

5.    Turn on ‘Game Launcher.’

6.    And turn on ‘Game Tools.’

How to record gameplay with Samsung Game Tools

1.    Start ‘Game Launcher’ on your Galaxy device.

2.    Tap on a ‘Game’ to start it.

3.    Swipe up on display to get Game Launcher icon. If you’re playing the game in the landscape mode the swipe from the right.

4.    Tap on the ‘Game Tools’ icon.

5.    Tap the ‘Video record’ icon at the bottom right corner of the Tools menu.

The recording is started, start playing your game. Game Tools will record full screen and continue recording until you’ll not stop.

To stop recording your gameplay:

1.    Swipe up on display to get Game Launcher icon. If you’re playing the game in the landscape mode the swipe from the right.

2.    Tap the ‘Stop’ icon at the bottom left corner of the menu.

The recording has been stopped.

To watch your recorded gameplay:

1.    Open ‘Gallery’ of your Galaxy.

2.    Open the folder.

3.    And tap the ‘Video’ you want to watch.

That’s it! You can also watch your recorded game in the Video Launcher app.

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